Moree's Preseve Sporting & Hunting

Sporting Clays

Always in Season!
*** Now featuring two brand new wireless 14 station Sporting Clays Courses! *** We offer year-round sporting clays and 5-stand shooting for all of our members. The memberships are a great way to save money and take advantage of our member-only rates.

European Tower Shoot

The European-style Continental Tower Shoot is a very popular attraction at Moree’s Sportsman’s Preserve. Chinese Ringnecked Pheasants are released from atop a specially constructed 50′ foot high tower during this event.

Quail Hunting

Bobwhite Quail, is the specialty at Moree's. These plump little birds have the most widespread range of any quail species, with over 20 subspecies ranging from Canada to southern Mexico.

Pheasant Hunting

The Chinese ring-necked pheasant is one of America's favorite game birds and is the best known of the pheasant species.

Hog Hunting

(Guaranteed Opportunity Hunt)
Hog Hunting is a year-round adventure. Our guaranteed opportunity hogs are plentiful and offer great sport shooting adventure to both the beginner and most avid outdoorsman.

Duck Hunting

With several duck ponds in operation, all are equipped with board walks and permanent blinds, all set in a picturesque southern wooded environment. Moree’s offers a world class duck hunting experience that is perfect for beginning hunters and seasoned outdoorsmen

Whitetail Deer Hunting

Free Range Day Hunts
Moree's also offers big game hunting on seven tracts of preserve property.

Chukar Hunting

Our chukars are raised on well-equipped farms, under a carefully controlled environment. They are specially conditioned to be good flyers and challenging sporting targets. 


Always in Season
Hunting and Lodging Guest Only

A Sportman's paradise! Moree's Preserve has a sporting activity for every outdoor enthusiast.

We can easily accommodate your entire group or family with 10 different lodging facilities.

Elite, Corporate Bonus and Sporting Clay Membership are available with great savings!