European Tower Shoot

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The European-style Continental Tower Shoot is a very popular attraction at Moree’s Sportsman’s Preserve. Chinese Ringnecked Pheasants are released from atop a specially constructed 50′ foot high tower during this event. Shooters are placed on position stands (pegs) 360 degrees around the tower and rotate clockwise from peg to peg after the release of a specified number of birds and then the fun starts again. The Moree’s Continental Tower Shoot is a must for any outdoorman, so please note the calendar for available dates and contact the preserve manager to reserve your pegs.

(Two shooters are allowed to share a single peg)

Homestyle Lunch served at 12 noon • Shooting begins at 1:15 pm

For the Sportsman

Call today to reserve your peg! 843-378-4831


  • 320 Bird Hunt with up to 16 Pegs
    $395 PER PEG (+tax)
    Each Peg can have 2 shooters
    2021 Dates - Oct. 17th, Nov. 14th, Dec. 5th and Dec. 26th.
    2022 Dates - Jan. 9th, Jan. 30th, Feb. 13th, Feb.27th, Mar. 13th and Mar. 27th.

Moree's Duck, Clay and Pheasant Blast February 13th, 2022

Includes 10 Mallard Duck Hunt

100 Round Sporting Clay's

320 Bird Pheasant Tower Shoot $599.00

All hunts include Continental Breakfast and Lunch

All birds are dressed

  • Bring your own shells
  • Steel shot required for mallards
  • #4 or #5 Led shot for Tower shoot
  • Arrive at 5:30 am for Duck Hunts
  • 8:15 am Continental breakfast 
  • 9:00 am Clays
  • 12 pm Lunch / Safety meeting
  • 1 pm Tower Shoot
  • Lodging Available at additional charge

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