Membership Price $3,500

category with Description Included Opportunities
Quail 30 Birds Released Hunting Range
Dressing of Birds
Within Regular Season
Hunts in Oct. or Nov. Receive 5 Extra Quail
Deer Unlimited Trips 3 Bucks (1) 8pt and (2) 6pts or better.
3 Does 75 lbs. or larger (Hunter supplies tags)
May Bring Guests
Limit 2 trips per guests per season
Dove Scheduled 1st Hunt
Open Hunting Afterward (Weds & Sats)
Corn, Wheat, Sunflowers
Meal with 1st Hunt
May Bring Guests
Limit 1 per member per hunt
Duck 10 Mallards Duck Blinds, Transport to Blinds, Duck Retrieval Federal & State Limits Not Applied to Moree’s Domestic Ducks
Hogs 1 Hog up to 200 LBS. Above the ground stand Schedule from Sept. - March
Fishing Catch & Release Select Stocked Fishing Ponds May Bring Guests
Limit 1 per member
Tower Shoot 1 Scheduled Elite Member Tower Shoot Release of Ring Neck Pheasants May Bring Guest for additional fee
Sporting Clays 50 Targets Sharpen Shooting Skills
(Limited to the Log Cabin, Hunters Cabin, Wilderness Lodge and Paradise Lodge}
1 Weekend Stay Any Available Lodge “First Come First Served”
Reservations Required
Golf Membership to Moree’s Country Club Golf and Pool Does not include cart
Monthly Dinner 1st Tuesday of each month
Except January & July
May Bring Guests - RSVP
Limit 1 per member

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Equivalent to Three Individual Elite Memberships ($9,000) * PLUS BONUSES

Individual membership Inclusions Corporate Membership Bonuses Bonus Value
1st 2nd 3rd Each Total
Quail 30 30 30 90 Additional Quail $9.25 $832.50
Ducks 10 10 10 10 Additional Ducks $34.50 $345
(Limited to the Log Cabin, Hunters Cabin,
Wilderness Lodge and Paradise Lodge}
1 Weekend 1 Weekend 1 Weekend 1 Additional Weekend
(River Lodge used as Example)
$2,290 $2,290
Sporting Clays 50 Target Rounds 50 Target Rounds 50 Target Rounds 350 Target Rounds $168 $168
Tower Shoot 1 Shoot 1 Shoot 1 Shoot 1 Additional $150 $150
Hogs 1 1 1 1 Additional $400 $400
Meeting Facilities Day Meeting 2 Sessions $500 $1,000
Deer Hunt Group Hunt 1 Group of 6 Guests
(1-day hunt / per season)
$300 $1,800
Corporate Membership
Bonus Value Totals
In Bonuses

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Moree’s Sportsman Preserve is always looking to add new members to our club. We offer year-round sporting clays and 5-stand shooting for all of our members. The membership is a great way to save money and take advantage of our member-only events. Please call or email us if you have any questions at all.

Individual Membership – $200 Per Year
The individual membership takes effect immediately upon receipt of payment. This membership allows you to take full advantage of our discounts, and you can refer to the table below for prices.

Family Membership– $350 Per Year
The Family membership allows four (4) individuals to enjoy membership status in our club. This membership allows four people to take full advantage of our discounts, and you can refer to the table below for prices.

Corporate Membership Level 1– $750 Per Year

Corporate Membership Level 2– $1200 Per Year

The corporate membership is great for companies that would like to have an annual event each year or entertain their customers throughout the year. Corporate members will also receive discounts on all lodging. Corporate members will also be invited to our Elite Dinner held the 1st Tuesday of each month.

Members Non-Member
Sporting Clays $.38 per target $.50 per target
5-Stand $.38 per target $.50 per target / Youth $.34 per target
Cart Rental $15.00 Per Person $30.00 Per Person
Gun Rental $15.00 $25.00
Pre-Paid Countdown Card (Minimum 500 targets on first purchase) $.34 per target Not Available

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A Sportman's paradise! Moree's Preserve has a sporting activity for every outdoor enthusiast.

We can easily accommodate your entire group or family with 10 different lodging facilities.

Elite, Corporate Bonus and Sporting Clay Membership are available with great savings!